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Local Businesses

The following local businesses and organizations are devoted to promoting sustainable and community based efforts in our hometown or have been very helpful with supporting Bread & Roses.

Wild Greens Community Cafe and Bakery
Located right next to our store and owned by one of our members, Wild Greens offers a great selection of high quality vegetarian and vegan dishes. Wild Greens specializes in healthy, delicious food and often features live music from local artists.

Red Hills Small Farm Alliance
A nonprofit organization working to strengthen our region's sustainable small farm community by promoting economic stability of small farm enterprises, providing professional farmer development education and expanding the local food market to all citizens in our area.

Krank It Up!
An open community bike shop. They provide a space for people to have access to the tools necessary to work on bicycles, with a collective of volunteers on hand to teach people the skills necessary to repair their own bicycles.

Damayan Garden Project
A small non-profit made up of gardeners, educators, and entrepreneurs in Tallahassee, Florida who want to enhance the quality of life in our community by teaching people how to grow their own food.

Railroad Square
Hosting more than 50 studios, galleries and small shops, Railroad Square is the home of many Tallahassee artists and other small businesses and organizations. Our first shop was located within Railroad Square.

Center for Participant Education is an organization at Florida State University which offers free classes to the community.

Florida Commnity Farmer's Markets
This website contains a list of farmers markets in Leon County, as well as throughout the state of Florida.

Sweet Pea Cafe
Sweet Pea is owned by some of our coop members, and often features products made in our store in their recipes.